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Putin and Russia.

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--- Quote from: Hiwot on February 09, 2013, 04:21:36 PM ---deja vu. for the gazillion times, its already been said, about not learning from history and all that.

--- End quote ---

dear hiwot, do u mean; it looks like putin wants control of the orthodox church in order to use it to control the population?
i think the russian leadership tried that before...

i mean, how much am i allowed to say without it going to the politics forum?
i just read the up to date board guidelines, and i am trying not to get a green dot.
where can i discuss this and not get a green dot?

for now, i will just recommend that everyone read the works of father arseny.
may his prayers be with all the russians and their friends, and may God have mercy on us all.

Bearing in mind the successor to the KGB is today's FSB, and President Putin was an officer in the former makes me feel anything but comfortable about his relationship with the Moscow Patriarchate. The treatment meted out to religious dissidents in the Russian Federation backs this reservation up, methinks.


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