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Kondratick Dismissed as Administrator of Holy Spirit Church, Venice, Florida

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Basil 320:
CORRECTION to dollar amount at issue:  $54,000.00

Carl Kraeff (Second Chance):
I got confirmation from an unimpeachable source that Holy Spirit Church has indeed dismissed Bob Kondratick.

Basil 320:
How about the circumstances, Carl, are they as were reported above?  Was the diocese involved in the matter of Kondratick's dismissal, do you know?

Carl Kraeff (Second Chance):

--- Quote from: Basil 320 on February 08, 2013, 06:07:33 PM ---"Voices From Russia" and Post No. 126497 on "Orthodox-Forum" @Yahoo Groups, submitted by a routine and respected poster (though perhaps she is reiterating what she may have seen on "Voices From Russia") is reporting that Robert Kondratick is being investigated by the district attorney for embezzlement of $57,000.00 (without further details).

--- End quote ---

Post 126497 by Nina Tkachuk Dimas was about an embezzlement in the Serbian Orthodox Church. However Post 126498 was about Mr. Kondratick:
"Just learned that RSK was accused of embezzling 54K from the Venice parish and the church has a restraining order prohibiting his entrance on the property."

That is a bit more than I heard. I am not privy to any further information.

Who is this guy and why do we care? Honestly curious.

In Christ,


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