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Kondratick Dismissed as Administrator of Holy Spirit Church, Venice, Florida

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Basil 320:
"Voices from Russia" is reporting the dismissal of RSK, but without explanation or details, yet.

Deacon Lance:

Small fish, so rules were applied.

When the fish are bigger, like thug Jon Corzine, former governor of New Jersey, you can make $1.6 billion disappear and even if you are caught red-handed, as he was, nothing happens. You never have to return the millions you stole or delivered to your friends. You have may have to pay some paltry 0.0001% fine using the stolen money, so that the public will think you've received a stiff punishment.

I know nothing of the Florida situation. So I speak of things I know a little of.

Basil 320:

--- Quote from: Deacon Lance on February 07, 2013, 10:50:23 PM ---Maybe:

--- End quote ---

A chip off the old block.

Basil 320:
"Voices From Russia" and Post No. 126497 on "Orthodox-Forum" @Yahoo Groups, submitted by a routine and respected poster (though perhaps she is reiterating what she may have seen on "Voices From Russia") is reporting that Robert Kondratick is being investigated by the district attorney for embezzlement of $57,000.00 (without further details).


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