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Spamming? I thought I was just sharing the latest videos on Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada.

Alright, you won't receive anymore links to any video content.



--- Quote from: UkeTube on February 06, 2013, 10:11:58 AM ---Spamming? I thought I was just sharing the latest videos on Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada.

--- End quote ---

In 4 different threads, multiple times, without any comment or input. One starts to wonder is there any reason for your registration here apart from advertising your yt channel.

The reason some videos are shared on this forum is because, after the name calling and labeling, I don't find much stimulating content or dialogue here that address the current issues facing of the UOCC. Or why Metropolitan Yurij baned Patriarch Filaret from visiting St. Volodymyr Ukranian Orthodox Church in Toronto.

So hopefully, the videos will promote healthy, progressive discussion.

Additionally, the videos put a spotlight on folks willing to publicly discuss important issues that concern Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada - something that can be lost by folks who predominantly communicate on bulletin boards. 

Finally, other than my handle, there is no advertising for my YT channel.

cossack 316:
Michael, the BRUOC is not schismatic but rather are members in good standing with the UOCC. I know many of them and they are simply educating and informing. There is nothing wrong with the truth other than some people are call the movement of an independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church as wrong and evil unless it serves Russian or Greek interests.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church sold for 200 gold pieces & 20 sables in 1686

We are waiting for the return of Ukrainian Orthodox Church to "Mother" Russian Church

On the Brotherhood for the Revitalization of Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada


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