Author Topic: WRO and "King Martyr" Charles, Edward, and HRE Henry  (Read 15913 times)

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Re: WRO and "King Martyr" Charles, Edward, and HRE Henry
« Reply #45 on: January 28, 2013, 12:58:41 AM »
Not that the Kings of England did so.

In 1066 things changed majorly in England, of course. But nothing changed as to faith. Nothing changed as to theology. Nothing changed as to ecclesiastical communion (with Rome rather than Constantinople). Nothing changed in liturgy but in the tiniest details in the same mold as things had been being adjusted since the mid-10th century. What changed was the language, and the rulers, after an invasion by co-religionists.

The Papacy had a long-standing animosity towards the Normans and vice-versa. It was a love-hate relationship. The Papacy traded off England for its own protection and its own benefit. The Papacy was equally venal in the 10th century, probably it's nadir until the Renaissance debaucheries made an appearance.

But it's not like the religion changed in 1066. Far from it.