Author Topic: Largest List of Orthodox Christian Educational Institutions Worldwide  (Read 1089 times)

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Dear All

Orthodox Christian Educational Institutions (OCEI)Worlwide

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Media Network has published the largest list of Orthodox Christian Educational Institutions worldwide. Effort has been made to consolidate a comprehensive list of Orthodox Christian higher educational institutions.
It includes theological seminaries, institutions, academics, University faculties, Universities, iconography institutes etc. Related areas to Orthodox Christianity like Byzantine studies, Coptology, Armenian studies, eastern Christian studies, Hellenic Studies are also included. As per OCP  this is bigger then any other list published online so far and includes both Eastern and Oriental Orthodox institutions.
All are welcome to add more educational resources to the below mentioned list.  Please email the name of the institution, country situated and we blink to:

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Christ is Among Us!  I say that today, as this list is living proof of that reality!
Thank you for posting this.

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There's also an online seminary run by my church (not included in the above list no doubt because we aren't considered "canonical"):

They now also have a residential seminary program.

I don't think students need to be restricted to members of HOTCA or other True Orthodox jurisdictions. The purpose is simply to provide as traditional a theological education as possible. If you're interested, please feel free to contact them.