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The Death of the Ukrainian Orthodox/Ukrainian Catholic Community in Canada?

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cossack 316:
So its trouble that a growing number of Ukrainian Canadians in Canada dislike being under the EP?

cossack 316:
What nationalistic agenda might that be?


--- Quote from: choy on January 14, 2013, 01:43:52 PM ---Their real problem is they are using religion for their nationalist agendas.  Why don't Moscow just grant them autocephally and be done with it?

--- End quote ---

Ha!  Because Moscow is also playing the nationalist game.

cossack 316:
I think the only "nationalistic agenda" that Ukrainian Orthodox have is the desire for a free and independent Ukrainian Church, free of Moscow, free of Constantinople. The group in Canada are not Schismatics as they have not left the UOCC but are peaceful voicing their grievances and exchanging dialogue and ideas on how to unite and recognize the KP. The BRUOC is not KP but rather UOCC parishioners

Well, the Ukrainian Orthodox in North America should be working towards the North American Church, not on the Church back "home".  Their home is now here.


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