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The Death of the Ukrainian Orthodox/Ukrainian Catholic Community in Canada?

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cossack 316:
video is in English. About 13 minutes long from the BRUOC (Brotherhood for the Revitalization of Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada) Seems there is growing sentiment in Canada against EP control.
- Bishop Yurij; 7th Ukrainian World Congress, in 1998
- Canada and new dreams for Ukrainain pioneers and settlers 0:40
- Without an understanding of our history, who we are, and where we are from, there is no today or tomorrow; Why are we making such colossal mistakes? The celebration of our past, present and future appears as a memorial service (panakhyda) instead of a celebration of joy 0:58
- Our Ukrainian grandparents felt the Ukrainian church was an integral part of their (Ukrainian Canadian) identity 1:19
- Crisis of faith for Ukrainian churches in Canada 3:43

I saw these last night. I had heard mention of issues when visiting a seminary a year or so ago. I was looking for more information last night, as well. Seems these folk support the Kyivan Patriarchate. I'm trying to figure out more because I really don't understand, but I find this relevant to my interests.
Here is the website for The Brotherhood for the Revitalization of Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada

Schismatics being schismatics.


Here we go, again.

The KP crowd are always looking to make trouble....or should I say "start" trouble where there is none to begin with.

Their real problem is they are using religion for their nationalist agendas.  Why don't Moscow just grant them autocephally and be done with it?


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