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Assassination of Orthodox Leader in Jaffa Remains Unsolved
« on: December 28, 2012, 12:50:14 AM »
Nearly one year later, the assassination of Jaffa's Orthodox leader Gabriel Cadis remains unsolved. Last January Orthodox Jerusalem had reported:
Leader of Orthodox Christians of Jaffa, Gabriel Cadis, killed
January 8, 2012

The members of Abu Mana's family clan have been detained for the killing of the leader of Jaffa's Christians Gabriel Cadis. According to one of the versions of the investigation, the cause of the killing was a dispute over real estate. Yesterday on the request of the police a judge lengthened the arrest of the five persons, and one more member of Abu Mana's family was placed under house arrest... Gabriel Cadis was killed on Friday, January 6 during a Christmas parade at the time of holiday ceremonies at Saint George's church in Jaffa... According to some reports, a man in a Santa Claus costume came up behind his back. No one noticed how he put the knife into attorney Gabriel Cadis's back...

However, far from everyone believes in the participation of Abu Mana's family in the killing of Gaby Cadis. Many say that not a single member of the Christian community would allow himself to commit a murder on the day of the Christian holiday, and criticize the security organs for inactivity: "When they catch terrorists they get everyone on their feet. They find helicopters and police and anything you want. This killing is real terrorism. It destroys the balance in Jaffa. Cadis united the Christians, Muslims, and Jews. He removed a division among Jaffa's Christians. Let the police act in their investigation to even 10% of their ability. That would be enough."

Another report said:
Jaffa leader: Slain man was threatened by suspect's family
Jan. 9, 2012

A colleague of Gabriel Cadis, the Jaffa leader who was killed on Friday, said Cadis had received threats from the family that saw six of its members arrested over the weekend in connection with the crime. One of the men arrested was Talel Abu Mana, who denies any allegations against him and has volunteered to take a lie-detector test to establish his innocence.

Peter Habash, the Orthodox Church Association's secretary... insists that Cadis was not involved in a dispute that could lead to such a tragic result. "As someone who was very close to [Cadis], I didn't get the feeling that he was living in an atmosphere of fear and threat," Habash said. "On the contrary, he walked freely on the street, without trying to hide from anyone." Police are investigating whether the killing was connected to a struggle over real estate assets belonging to the association. Officials of the Orthodox Church Association say such speculation grossly exaggerates the scope of Orthodox-controlled property in Jaffa.
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