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The Byzantine Liturgy in English

With the blessing and approval of His Grace, Bishop JOSEPH of Los Angeles and the West, we are pleased to announce the release of THE DIVINE LITURGY OF THE HOLY ORTHODOX CHURCH OF ANTIOCH Enhanced audio CD, chanted in English by the world-renowned Mount Lebanon Choir with the Reverend Archimandrite Yeronda Pendeleimon of St. Mary's Monastery, Hamatoura, Lebanon, celebrant.

Excerpt from a letter from His Grace, Bishop JOSEPH:

"Singing and chanting praises to the Almighty God during our Liturgical Services is an awesome and most important ministry. I am pleased to bless and approve your CD entitled, “The Divine Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Church of Antioch.” I listened very carefully to this entire CD and am very happy with the outstanding chanting. My gratitude goes to you and those who labored diligently for the success of this CD."

Included with the audio CD is a PDF file with the Byzantine notation of the hymns of the Divine Liturgy of St. Chrysostom. You can view the file from any Windows or Macintosh computer.
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