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This 1969 movie is based on the 1963 assassination of a prominent left Greek statesman opposed to militarization and entaglement with NATO.  
It concerns the use which the Greek police and military make of the mafia to punish their opponents.  The movie revolves around the government investigator who eventually changes his mind about the Greek police establishment based on the evidence.

It was necessarily filmed in Algeria due to the fact that the junta government in Greece at the time would have disallowed its production.
I have seen this movie online before with english subtitles and even with an english makeover, but it only lasts for a brief time before it is taken off due to some infringement technicality.  
Unfortunately, I can only locate online in Spanish.  

Spot on insight into Greek politics.

Two highlights include the fast paced scene immediately after the assassination (just after 31:00) in which a Greek communist climbs into the back of the assassin's get away truck and wrestles with them.  Another great scene is the indictment of the leading gendarmerie officers for premeditated murder near the end of the film.  
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