Author Topic: Getting to Know the Bathtub Marys of Somerville, Massachusetts  (Read 186 times)

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SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS DOESN’T ATTRACT MANY pilgrims. Spend enough time walking its narrow streets, though, and you’re guaranteed a particular kind of religious experience. It may reveal itself proudly in a front yard, or sneak up on you in a side yard. But eventually, undoubtedly, you’ll be blessed by the presence of a Bathtub Mary: a sculpture of the Madonna, generally about waist-high, carefully sheltered in its own protective nook.

Although these constructions aren’t unique to Somerville—there are plenty in the Midwest, as well as other Massachusetts towns—aficionados agree that they’ve colonized the city to an unusual degree.
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Re: Getting to Know the Bathtub Marys of Somerville, Massachusetts
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