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Author Topic: Discussion with Protestant Apologists on Justification  (Read 483 times) Average Rating: 0
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« on: May 21, 2014, 11:59:19 AM »

Upon chancing upon a blog by a Protestant Evangelical Apologist, Brian Cullition, I decided to join in the discussion under the username, Nekogami95(me), on Justification that he opened up at the request of Nick, a Catholic apologist of Nick's Catholic blog. Unfortunately however, the discussion quickly turned into quite a heated debate through the arrival of another Protestant apologist, Mike. The discussion or as of now, debate between me and the Protestants Mike and Brian have been going on for over a week now. Currently, I'm awaiting replies from either Mike(Whom I suspect is a Calvinist) and Brian to the points and arguments for Synergistic cooperation in Salvation and Justification by Faith and Works.

Being a former Catholic and being quite new to Orthodoxy, I'm quite worried that the points I brought up may be contrary Orthodox Doctrine and Belief especially given that all of my knowledge about the Orthodox Churches are from online sources which at times I personally feel that my knowledge about Orthodoxy is really, just shallow and incomplete. As a result, I would like to hear your thoughts and review of my points and show me how I can improve or correct any mistakes which I made when posting my comments. And if it is not too much, I do hope that if it is possible, that anyone can help me out in the ongoing discussion. It is in all honesty, difficult to accommodate the points and replies of two individuals at the same time.

Here's the link to Brian's Blog,

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