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Help with a few sentences in Arabic
« on: December 12, 2012, 03:54:19 AM »
If anyone could help me with these sentences it would be great...

After YOU have emptied yourself from the glory of Your divinity, we became unable to gauge God's attributes in YOU :-. In His love, Compassion, docility, humbleness moreover, His power, Authority, examining knowledge across all time & all man's concealment.

How then would we describe YOU before YOU deliberately relinquished Your glory? Or even after YOU have accomplished Your incarnation message & sat on Your throne of Glory.

Unquestionably, only one thing becomes apparent to us; If God whom no body saw is like YOU, as we realize how Good He is! How a fortiori we love Him from all the heart, the mind, the thought & the power!

This is the video:

Another user suggested that in the first sentence the "unable" might be "able" instead and if so that would make much more sense.
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