Author Topic: Financial crisis in Greece and the condition of Greek Orthodox Church  (Read 1396 times)

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Greece has had serious financial crisis since 2009.How is current situation of Greece ? IS there any improvement on the economy of Greece recently?

How is the conditional of (Greek) Orthodox Church in Greece? Is three any Orthodox Church in Greece going bankruptcy or closing after Greek financial crisis? Or is there any miracles works manifesting in Orthodox Church in Greece after the Financial crisis?
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Re: Financial crisis in Greece and the condition of Greek Orthodox Church
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Its getting worse. from relatives in Greece i know that they continue to receive cuts to there retirement/ss check. its been cut 3x or 4x so far. an aunt who was getting abt 1800e a mo now gets abt 1000e monthly. plus they just did a new thing where they will have to pay abt 1000e at the end of the year. sounds like they are taxing them onther ss earnings?!

the Church~~bankrupt~no way......the church can afford to pay what Greece owes themselves!!!!!
the church is CONSANTLY helping the ppl with soup kitchens and im sure other things.
what the gov imposed to the church is that the gov will not honor any new priests (they wont pay the priests salary) and when a priest retires no new priest will take his place.
dnt be mistaken the Greek church has much $$$. kinda like the Vatican only they do not garishly flaunt it like them.

note: to avoid stupid debate, im not saying the Greek church is as rich as the Vatican, im saying they are right up there....whats a few hundred million anyway when u r counting billions?