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Institutions of the Indian Orthodox Church
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Special Training Schemes
1. St. Paul's Mission Training Center, Mavelikara

St. Paul's Mission Training Center is the Mission Church started by Deacon M.V. George (Dr Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Metropolitan) on 15 August 1943. On 1 September 1977 this institution was dedicated to His Holiness the Catholicose. On 15 August 1979 the Holy Synod recognized this as the first Mission Training Center. It is conducting a three year diploma course in Mission studies. More than 50 missionaries have already undergone training. At present 11 people are enrolled there for such studies. The offices of various institutions, an offset press and a bookshop are operating from here. The marriage Aid Fund, the Sick Aid Foundation, House Building Aid Fund, Widow Aid Fund and ' Sneha Sandesham' are some of the projects coming under the aegis of the St. Paul's Mission Center.
Office bearers:
Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios (Director),
Fr. Dr. Mathew Vaidhyan (Principal),
Fr. G. John (Vice Principal)
Fr. C.B. Geevarghese (Manager)
St. Paul's Mission Training
Centre, Mavelikara - 690 103
Phone: (0479) 302473

2. Divyabodhanam: Scheme for Training laymen.

The study Scheme for the spiritual growth of the laymen of the Orthodox Church was started in 1984. Under the leadership of the teachers of the Seminary over 47 books, some in English and the rest in Malayalam were published. 16 more books are nearing completion. In 1984 a certificate course (P.O.C.E) (Proficiency in Orthodox Christian Education) in Religious studies was started. Those passing the certificate course are offered a two- year Diploma course (D.O.C.E) and those passing this are offered the G.O.C.E. Course. In 1990 a certificate course in Bible commentary was started. It was in 1997 that the degree course was started. A syllabus comprising twenty books has been prescribed for the course. Upto 1997 more than 1000 men and women have completed the course. Currently 400 women and 641 men are undergoing training in Religious studies through various courses.
Office bearers:
President: Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios (1984-86), Fr. Dr. K.M.George (1996-) Director, Fr. T.J.Joshua Co-ordinator, Fr. C.C.Cherian, Registrar (1984-1995), Fr. George Pulikottil (1995-97), V. I .Abraham. The Head office is Sophia Center, Kottayam.
Orthodox Seminary,
Kottayam - 686 001
Phone: (0481) 566650

3. Sruthi, School of Liturgical Music, Kottayam:

In 1989 His Holiness Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews I Catholicose started the Sruthi School of Liturgical Music in Orthodox Theological seminary premises. Its objective is to teach music scientifically and also to encourage research in liturgical music. It gives short and long term courses in organ, violin, guitar, veena and other musical instruments and also offers training in liturgical music, Carnatic music, light and western music. It conducts leadership camps for the Malankara Orthodox Choir Association. It also trains a choir group of 60 members called "Sumoro" which serves as a model choir group in liturgical music. Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios was the Principal of Sruthi from 1989-96. Since 1996 Fr. Dr. K.M. George has been the Principal. Fr. M..P George is the Registrar.
Sruthi, Orthodox Seminary,
Kottayam - 686 001.
Phone: (0481) 566526, 567256.

4. Civil Service Academy, Thiruvananthapuram:

On 6 November 1991 His Holiness Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews II Catholicose started the civil service Academy adjacent to the Orthodox Students center in Thiruvananthapuram for training students for the I.A.S and I.P.S examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. This institution has been successfully training students for the past five years. Five students who studied here have passed the final examinations so far. Of these 3 have been selected for central services, one for I.A.S and one for I.P.S. The course is conducted in two sections: Preliminary course (January - May) and Main Course (August- November. Office bearers: Geevarghese Mar Theoscoros (Vice President)) C.K. Kochukoshy (Rtd),Ouseph Joseph (Chairman), Fr. P. George Kattanam, K.M. Mathew, A.K.Thomas Ambiyil, Padmasree Paul Pothen, C.P. Kuriakose are the members of the governing board of this Academy.
Civil Service Academy,
Orthodox Students Centre,
Gas House Junction,
Thiruvananthapuram- 695 001
Phone: (0471) 476329, 322050, and 33128

5. Human recourse development and Catholicate Study Centre, Kottayam:

In 1993 His Holiness Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews I Catholicose established the 'Human Resource Center' with the M.D. Seminary Kottayam as the headquarters. In 1997 it was expanded with the objective to work for human resourse development and also offer special coaching for the various examinations. There were 15 students in the first batch in 1997. In 1998 60 students underwent coaching in this center. Next year onwards special coaching will give for professional courses too.
Catholicate Study centre,
M.D.Seminary, Kottayam - 1.
Phone: (0481) 584787

6. Prathyasha Counselling Centre, Kottayam:

Prathyasha Counselling courses for the priests and laymen of the Sabha. The teachers of the Orthodox Theological Seminary conduct the classes. His Holiness Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews II Catholicose inaugurated the Center on 5 August 1995. Two batches of 12 students each have already completed their training in counseling. Sophia Center in Kottayam is the headquarters of Prathyasha Counseling Center. Fr. O. Thomas holds the main charge.
Prathasha Counselling centre,
Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam - 686 001.
Phone: (0481) 566650, 566526

6. St Basil Bible School and Orientation Centre, Sasthamkotta:


The origin of St. Basil Bible School and Orientation Centre is to be attributed to the divine vision of Mount Horeb Monastic Community Headed by His Holiness Baselios Mar Thoma Mathew II, the Malankara Metropolitan, Catholicose of the East and successor to the Apostolic throne of St. Thomas. The vision fulfilled through a very strong divinely inspired foundation by "the C.T Eapen Trust" established by Rev. C.T. Eapen of blessed memory and initial works were started in 1991,when a group of energetic, devouted, unmarried clergymen of the Malankara Orthodox Church were allowed to form a spiritual fellowship and continue their ecclesiastical mission. Following this Bible Classes, retreats and spiritual guidance programs were held on a regular basis at the initiative of the members of the monastic community and nurtured in subsequent years with cooperation of Bishops, Priests and Believers of the Malankara Orthodox church. In July 1999,the Holy Episcopal Synod took official decision to start SBBSOC and thereafter its koodasha, dedication and opening on 10th March 2000. The study Schemes of this Bible college is for the spiritual growth of the laymen of the Orthodox Church was started in 2000.
Counselling courses for the laymen of the Sabha.His Holiness Baselios Mar Thoma Mathews II Catholicose inaugurated the Center on 2000. Fr.V M James holds the main charge.

Aims of the institution

1. To impart Bible knowledge
2. To be instrumental to the spiritual nurture and moral awakening of the Malankara Orthodox Church.
3. To provide facilities for research work in the fields of Bible studies, Orthodox Spirituality, Liturgical Studies, Patristics and Indian culture.
4.To conduct retreats, meditations and other spiritual programmes.
5. Find out and encourage members of the Church with Divine Vocation for service of Church and Society.
6. To conduct reconciliatory programmes for families and individuals.
7. To conduct ecumenical gatherings and dialogue programmes.
8. To give apologetic exhortations to sustain members of Church in faith and practices of the Orthodox Church.
9. To explore areas consensus in the spiritual traditions of Eastern religious plurality.
10. To produce materials such as interpretations of Biblical texts suited to the present context, interpretations of the writings of the Church Fathers to explain the faith and practices of the Church, to revitalize the liturgical traditions of the Church etc.

Venue & Infrastructure

St. Basil Bible School and Orientation Centre is situated at a beautiful lake-shore scenic village area of 60 acres of land surrounded by the famous Sasthamcotta fresh water lake in Kerala, South India. The Zarephath Family Orientation Centre situated at the southern side of the Bible School is a prestigious campsite with international standard. The annual weeklong retreat programme of the Bishops of Malankara Orthodox Church is conducted here for last few years. It is also the venue for camps and occasional gatherings of the spiritual organizations of the Church.
The central part of the Bible School is a spacious chapel to conduct the Holy liturgy and other offices of the Church regularly. Facing the fresh water lake at its western side, there are two palatial building complexes, providing facilities for classrooms, library, guest rooms, residential area, archives and kitchen.
The Dr. C.T Eapen Trust Library is being developed with research facilities. It is planned to provide a good collection of valuable books including national and international magazines.

Courses offered:

1.Certificate in Bible Studies (C.B.S): While this is primarily a certificate course for members of the Orthodox Church who have a minimum qualification of S.S.L.C or equivalent, Persons with initiative and aptitude to study Bible are admitted as `Special students', even if they belong to other religions and denominations. There are separate divisions for men and women. Hostel facilities will be provided with subsidy in expenses to deserving candidates. Day Scholars are also admitted.

2. Diploma in Biblical Studies (D.B.S): This is a Correspondence Course for two years. Eligibility for admission is a minimum qualification of Pre-Degree or equivalent. While at present the course material is in Malayalam, work is being carried out to provide it in English shortly.

For Further details & on how one can aid to meet Aims of SBBSOC Contact:

Director: Rev. Fr. V.M James

St. Basil Bible School and Orientation Centre,
Sasthamcotta - Lake View, Muthupilakkadu P.O
(Via) Poruvazhy-690 520, Kollam District Kerala, India.

Principal: Fr. Dr. K.L Mathew Vaidyan


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