Author Topic: Jerdanowitch contest judged by Jerdanowitch's grandson  (Read 516 times)

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Jerdanowitch contest judged by Jerdanowitch's grandson
« on: September 15, 2012, 12:30:07 AM »
This year (2012, for those inhaling toxic substances from their palettes who may have lost track), Pavel Jerdanowitch II, PhD, grandson of the originator of the school of Disumbrationism, has chosen Anastasia Kislitzina's dubious daub Orpheus and Eurydice as his choice for the Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting contest. It was a hard call. Anastasia also submitted an entry that showed the glimmerings of actual ability, which very nearly disqualified her. However, one halfway decent apple does not improve the quality of those that are rotten. Orpheus and Eurydice was so badly executed and incomprehensible, it clearly achieved the nadir of this year's entries.

As with last year's entries, all of this year's (still 2012, by the way) 67 entries exhibited the lack of talent so in keeping with my grandfather's work. In the memorable words of a close friend who actually possesses a great deal of painterly ability, "Dear God! Actually, they look a lot like most of the work one sees exhibited in international galleries. What has the art world come to?" My grandfather would be proud of all of those who attempt to answer that eternal question. Keep daubing!

2012 Pavel Jerdanowitch Painting Contest Results