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Good morning, everyone!

After a long and careful deliberation process amongst the Moderators, Global Moderators, and Administrators of, a new policy regarding the use of obscenity, blasphemy, and profanity on the forum has been promulgated today on the Rules page ( ).  It applies to all areas of the forum, and addresses specifically what is permitted in the Private Fora (Politics, EO/OO Polemics, and Orthodox-Other Christian Polemics) versus what is allowed in the Public Fora.  I am copying the relevant addition below.  Please familiarize yourself with this.

* Obscenity, Blasphemy, Profanity, et al. -- Obscenities and blasphemies are not permitted anywhere on the forum. To accommodate strong polemics on the Private Forum, we will permit a few of the stronger scatological ( profanities there. These words, however, will be permitted ONLY on the Private Forum; their use on the Public Forum is still forbidden. Other words such as "damn" and "hell", when used as expletives, will be permitted on all Public and Private boards as long as they're not used as part of a blasphemy. We reserve the right to moderate some language not on the list if it is way outside the bounds of common decency. If you're not sure about the appropriateness of a word or expression, please PM a moderator before using it on the forum.

Except for "BS," all acronyms (STFU, WTF, etc.), abbreviations (F-off, etc.), and semi-censored versions (F**K, BULLS**T, etc.) of forbidden words are also forbidden.  Quite simply, harsh, obscene, or foul language is not appropriate for an Orthodox Christian message board.  Our Lord is present even in the forums and we don't feel like hosting your foul language on our servers--free expression is one thing, but on a Christian message board you will have to act like a Christian even in a theoretically unmoderated sub-section of the board.
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