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Coptic Patriarch Arrives In Cyprus
« on: January 10, 2003, 04:28:27 PM »
Coptic Patriarch arrives in Cyprus

By Tania Khadder

HIS Holiness Pope Shenouda III, the Pope of Alexiandria and Patriarch of
the See of St. Mark of the Coptic Orthodox Church, arrived in Cyprus

His visit is part of a two-day meeting of the Middle East Council of
Churches (MECC) to discuss preparations for the November MECC General
Assembly and other issues, including the possibility of moving the Middle
East desk of the World Council of Churches from Geneva to a regional
country, and the role of the MECC in the situation in Palestine and Iraq.
Changes to the MECC constitution, church unity, and Christian-Muslim
dialogue are also on the meeting's agenda, MECC Secretary General Riad Jar
Jour told CNA yesterday.

His Holiness is one of the 24 delegates coming from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon,
Jordan, Palestine and other countries who will take part in the meeting. On
Saturday, he will participate in the inauguration of the Coptic Church in
Limassol, followed by the inauguration of the Coptic Church in Nicosia.

The Coptic Patriarch is known for his commitment to church unity and for
encouraging women and young people to participate actively in the church.
He is the author of over 100 books on a variety of subjects, and has been
the editor-in-chief of _El-Keraza_ Magazine, the official publication of
the Coptic Orthodox Church, since 1962.

He will return to Cairo on Monday.

The Turkish Destruction of Cyprus Cultural Heritage.

American Complicity in the Turkish Genocide of the people of Cyprus.

Oh Lord, Save thy people and bless thine inheritance.
Grant victory to the Orthodox Christians over their adversaries.
And by virtue of thy Cross preserve thy habitation.