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Do you know St. Zena Markos?
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Abune Zena Markos

This is the Gedle (hagiography) of our father Abune Zena Markos in minature. His father is called Yohannes or according to some Tewodros while his mother’s name was Mariam Zemeda or Deborah. They lived during the 11th century around the area of Medre selasish in Itissa.

For they didn’t have any children, they used to pray before the paintings of holy Maryto give them one. They also used to give a feast every month in the name of St.Markos praying that he intercedes for them before God. On a certain day, St. Mark appeared before them from heaven and he gave them the good tidings, that they will have a blessed son whose news of spiritual war and miracles fills the out stretches of the world. Accordingly, on the 25th Yekatit, our father Abba Zena Markos was conceived. The parents remembered what St. Mark told them and on the baby’s birth on the 24th of Hidar, they named him Zena Markos.

The very moment he was born, St. Uraele and St. Raphael came from heaven and clothed him with a mantle of light on top of covering him with their holy wings. In the mean time, Sega Zeab, the father of Aba Takle Haymanot, told the parents that he saw great angles of God who were bright with heavenly light getting in and out of their house. On the third day of his birth, St. Zena Markos prostrated before God and immediately declared thus: I will prostrate before God the Father; I will prostrate before God the Son; and, I will prostrate before God the Holy Spirit. All standing around the baby, as a result, knew that they were beholding a great Saint chosen by God.

In that instance, St. Uraele and St. Raphael took him away from the onlookers to the tomb of St. Mark and he received the apostle’s blessings. St. Mark’s power reigned on the baby.

On his baptismal event, the baby professed clearly: I believe in the Holy Father; I believe in the Holy Son; and, I believe in the Holy sprit. Amen. He then prayed/said the creed, the testament of our faith. Priests and all others who witnessed this were filled with wonder. A great fear seized them and they questioned: who is this baby filled with such power? They knew that the power of the Holy Sprit resides in the baby. When our father was one year old, the angels presented him before God in heaven, in the presence of the 24 heavenly clerics, Holy Mary and the apostles. Our lord told them, on the occasion, that the baby will be   the new St.Mark. After he got the required church education, he was ordained a deacon by Abune Gerlos, the Coptic Archbishop of Ethiopia, at the age of eight.

As he grew older, our father started to preach Christianity all over Ethiopia.  It is our father who preached Christianity to the Gurage people. He is the apostle of the land of the Gurage nation in particular. Our father used to perform miracles and many sick people came to a place known as ‘wifat’ to be healed by him. Many years later St. Raphael told him the will of the Holy Spirit in making him the apostle to the Gurages. The distance between Muhir and Wifat was very long. St. Raphaele transported Aba Zena Markos on a bright cloud like the apostles.

In Muhir there was an idol, known as Macos, which the people worshiped. There dwelled an evil spirit in the idol which led people astray. As soon as our father reached the place, he went into the temple of the idol and made the sign of the holy cross before it. As the devil tried to escape, it shattered the graven image into thousands of pieces. Then, our father preached Christianity in that land. Though the followers of the idol rose in hostility and tried to kill the saint, God destroyed them. Our father baptized all the people into Christianity.

God Christ made a testament with the saint: “who so ever, that prayed in thy church and believed in thy faith I will take it as a pilgrimage to Jerusalem the place of my death and as a prayer in my tomb. I will make a person who came to thy church repent before his death and enter heaven.” One can not fully state the spiritual war fought by the saint since, it is so vast. Therefore, dear readers pray for me, the sinner who dared to write it but gave up under the strain of the labors. Pray so that the holy face of God of Zena Markos will not turn against me. I say unto you read the hagiography of the saint so that the blessing of the saint be with us all.

May the prayers and blessing of the saint be with us!

Glory to God and his mother holy Mary Amen

May God Bless us. Amen!!
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Re: Do you know St. Zena Markos?
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Re: Do you know St. Zena Markos?
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Bless you, dear Ergib!

I didn't know about Abune Zena Marcos. Very inspiring?

Do those money worshiping Gurage Mohammedans know about this Holy Man?