Author Topic: If you have a Roku TV streaming box, you can get a Coptic Orthodox channel  (Read 920 times)

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It's called CTV and it's free. (The Roku box is not free, but there's no charge to watch CTV in and of itself.) :)

I just added it to my channels a little while ago, and boy is it great! Right now I am watching a sermon by Pope Shenouda III. They even put English subtitles!  :angel:

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The choices of what is available on Roku are incredible. I would never known about this had you not said anything. I'll look around for it tonight.  I assume it will come up on a simple search, yes?

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It should. You may also want to try the Faith and Inspiration (I think that's what it's called) section in the channel store. :)

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Really?  I don't have cable (and don't want it), therefore, I was once given Roku as a gift.

I've never even plugged it in. It's still in the box...probably two years now.

Might be time to try it out.
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