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FCC Net Neutrality Thread
« on: February 26, 2015, 02:31:47 PM »
The internet can now be classified as a public utility, finally!

Some other stuff:

FCC overrules state laws to help two cities build out their fiber networks
Before it tackles net neutrality, the FCC is setting a major precedent for municipal broadband: it's just voted to preempt state laws that were preventing two cities from building out their own locally run broadband networks.The decision was prompted by separate petitions from Wilson, North Carolina, and Chattanooga, Tennessee — both cities that've established high-speed, gigabit internet services, but have been barred from expanding to neighboring communities due to existing state laws. So far, 19 states have similar regulations to those that the FCC is overriding in Wilson and Chattanooga, but today's ruling affects only those two specific cases.
More here:

"the rules apply to both home broadband connections and the wireless networks that power smartphones."
More here:
The FCC just approved the strongest net neutrality rules yet
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