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Re:Ukraine Election Crisis
« Reply #45 on: December 01, 2004, 05:39:02 PM »
But here's a problem: the elections weren't stolen. So says the BHHRG, one of the few NGOs in the West that isn't a handmaiden of the Empire.

The Empire?  And its leaders are ...?  Those two buddies Bush and Chirac?  The pro-American Kofi Anon?

There have been numerous articles exposing the fraudulent "human rights" organization calling itself the British Helsinki Human Rights Group, which consists only of John Laughland, Mark Almond, and Christine Stone.  There's no traceable journalistic staff, despite mercurial references to their "monitors" and "representatives."

This topic has been brought up here:;action=display;threadid=4622

What we're seeing is rather a re-run of "revolutions" in Belgrade (2000), Tbilisi (2003) and the attempted coup in Belarus (2001), which prominently features CIA-trained student activists from Serbia, and propaganda and financial support from the Empire.

And your sources are ...?  The BHHRG?  The Lukashenko press service?  And the corroborating sources?

Lew Rockwell dispenses with the "revolutionary" nonsense on his blog:

"In fact, the US is engaging in an imperial adventure. It is seeking to install its man in office via the CIA, and to have Ukraine join Nato and become a US satellite. This is the equivalent of the old Russia subverting Mexico, and having it join the Warsaw Pact, a very hostile act.

Proof?  You mean Ukraine will become a US satellite like Germany and France and Canada, who do just the opposite of what we want?  By the way, did you read Rockwell's blog where he wrote that Fahrenheit 9/11 was a “must-see,” an “exciting, searing movie?"

Along with the articles written by the BHHRG trio, it's the same simplistic, repetitive story over and over again ...  The CIA is sponsoring neo-Nazis to overthrow peace-loving dictators... The EU and NATO are fascist organizations... and on and on.  Writing eccentric, conspiratorial weblogs might generate excitement in those seeking the quick thrill of being in on the "real" scoop, but it's totally useless, unsubstantiated opinion that breaks down under its own contradictions and it does nothing to inform and explain what is happening in the real world.  :)
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