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I had a great liturgy experience yesterday.

Father was quite surprised when he saw me reading martins on my iPod. I assume that he might suggest the whole parish to use smart phones and reading devices for reading martins.

I am not sure if father is familiar with smart phone technologies. He asked me if I have to put my iPod on airplane mode. I told him that it is very easy and simple as long there is an Internet access. However, I feel that I should suggest father to let parishioners know that there is an e-martins website they can access on their mobile phones/electric reading devices, and Wifi exists in the Church building (Maybe put the web address on Sunday Bulletin). Does my suggestion sound fine?

Also, is it common for converts to struggle in affirming Orthodox Church is the true Church/true faith before being received into Orthodox Church?   Sometimes I am quite confused and need to spend more time on exploration of Churches; sometimes I feel very certain that Eastern Orthodox Church is the only true Church of the body of Christ. I feel that I should be very affirmed on this point before being received into Orthodox Church and I don’t want to be rushed.

Thanks all for reading my post. May the prayer of Saint George be with us.

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" martins"  what is this? got a link?

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There is such a thing as taking too long, but you shouldn't feel rushed either.  "Well-reasoned hesitation [is better] than inconsiderate haste" (St. Gregory the Theologian, Oration 2) Also, I assume you are talking about matins?
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" martins"  what is this? got a link?
I think he means Matins.
Thank you.

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Excuse me for terrible spelling.

Here is the website that I referred to:

eMatins (Thanks to member elephant who recommended  it to me!)

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Duh, i should have been able to figure that out. thnx

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Also, is it common for converts to struggle in affirming Orthodox Church is the true Church/true faith before being received into Orthodox Church?

Most people do from what I hear, however, I was a bit different. History has always been important to me and I came to the Orthodox Church fully convinced that it was the right Church just because history convinced me that the Church was established by the Apostles and that was enough to convince me that it was the true Church. It pretty much ruled out all of Protestantism and while Roman Catholics make the same claim, I studied the schism carefully and was convinced that they had committed schism and thus separated themselves from the apostolic Church. Everything else about the Orthodox Church--doctrines, practices, theology, worship etc.--I accepted purely on trust because I was convinced that Jesus Christ would not allow His apostolic Church to adopt heresy.
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Like James, I was convinced by history. There were some things that were more or less difficult for me to accept, but my attitude was, if this is the Apostolic Church, and this is what the Church has believed, preached and taught for a couple of millenia, give or take, then my pet beliefs and theology must be wrong, and the Church must be right.
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Dear Hurdle,

I am so happy you are liking Orthros/Matins.  All the beautiful teachings of the Church are in the hymns. 

You could e-mail a short message to the church office that could be included in the bulletin. We don't have too many people at Orthros, most are older and won't have the right electronics.  So what we do is make couple of printed copies and put them out next to the bulletin.  This is a nice job for someone who regularly comes to Orthros (hint hint). 

I think that the struggle with faith continues long after being received in the Church, maybe for our whole life.  You are wise to take your time.  I'm sure you will become quite certain in your heart before long. 

love, elephant

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We don't serve Matins at my church, and I would love to read these. 

It's a great resource!

Since it doesn't say, I am assuming these readings follow the "new" calendar?

As for iPhones....I was actually impressed a few years back, when we were at a Church convention.  DL was at 7:30 a.m. and very few people showed up.  The meager choir decided to stand up front, in the corner of the nave, instead of up in the choir loft.  While the bishop was serving the Divine Liturgy, the Archbishop humbly came down to stand and sing with the choir.  I found that awesome.  The shepherd came down to stand among his sheep.   

After a few moments, he whipped out his iPhone, looked something up, placed it on the stand next to the notes, and everyone was referring to his phone.  It was great!!!

The best part....with the Archbishop leading, the entire church broke out in song, not just the choir.  I had the best time ever!

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