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Re: About Classical music
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So you think there's no possibility that in becoming man in order to save man, Christ didn't also seek to redeem human culture and make even what we call secular a means of our salvation? Why do you hold so strongly to such an ascetic view of the world that you deny that worldview based on our belief in the Incarnation of the Word? Asceticism is not a uniquely Orthodox phenomenon, but the dogma of the Incarnation certainly is.

I wouldn't say Christ redeemed human culture.
Then you don't believe that He came to redeem the whole of man.

What?! Where did you hear that?
Where did you hear that He came only to redeem each individual?

That He can also work through human culture and so on, He does so because He has no choice, but this fallen world will never be His construction because it is mixed with sin, it is man-made.
That's why it needs redeeming. I never said this fallen world is His construction. I only said that He can sanctify this fallen world.

You have seen quotes from St. Basil the Great that speak of the value of "secular" learning, to include exposure to classical music, to the Orthodox Christian. Do you ignore his words in favor of the words of those Fathers whom you read as supporting your view that we should make no room for "secular" music in our lives?

Orthodoxy is not man-made, it is Divinely inspired. And by the way, people who do not come to Orthodoxy in this life, they will in the next; they will not enter Heaven playing AC/DC, writing romantic poems, or holding on to, say, capitalism.  (to give random examples). :)
But is that ALL Christianity is about: redeeming people for the life of the age to come? Jesus Christ didn't just forgive sin; He also healed the sick and raised the dead. Though Jesus Himself lived the celibate life of a monastic, He blessed marriage by turning water into wine at a wedding feast. This tells me that Jesus gives just as much thought to our material welfare in this world as to our spiritual welfare in the next.
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Re: About Classical music
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I purchased the Russian chant CD but it was stolen.  :-\
For questions about the history of the Lutheran faith see the Book of Concord available from Pastor's office.

Formula of Concord 1577

A restatement of some teachings in the Augsburg Confession over which Lutherans had become divided. The Solid Declaration is the unabridged version. The Epitome is an abridged version intended for congregations to study. Over 8,100 pastors and theologians signed it, as well as over 50 government leaders.