Author Topic: Never smile at a crocodile: one-ton critter found in Philippines  (Read 300 times)

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It took three weeks to catch him, but Lolong the crocodile is no longer a menace to the residents of Bunawan in the Philippines. About 100 people used ropes and steel cable traps to capture the one-ton animal.

From the article:
The town's mayor Edwin Cox Elorde said news of the record sparked celebrations, but said there are also concerns that more giant crocodiles might be lurking in a nearby marshland and creek where villagers fish.

"We're really proud because it proves the rich biodiversity of our place but at the same time, there are fears that Lolong may not be alone," he said.
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Re: Never smile at a crocodile: one-ton critter found in Philippines
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A 7 meter crocodile is not a crocodile. It's baby Godzilla.
You are right. I apologize for having sacked Constantinople. I really need to stop doing that.