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Re: Two OCA - EP joint Liturgies
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Regarding the discussion on diptychs, starting at 00:22:30, the Protodeacon intones and the priests, deacons and choir sings Many Years to all the primates  of the Orthodox Churches, starting with Patriarch Bartholomew and ending with Patriarch Kyrill.

Ending with Metropolitan Jonah.

The formal list indeed ends with the newest primate, Metropolitan Jonah of the OCA. However, during the singing of Many Years, as well as during the formal recitation of the list at the Great Entrance, what happened in that Paschal Liturgy was that Patriarch Kyrill was mentioned last. This is for good reasons. At the Great Entrance, it is Patriarch Kyrill who is commemorating the other primates and it would be exceedingly odd if he commemorated himself. Therefore, another cleric does that after +Kyrill had finished with +Jonah. During the singing of the Many Years, it seems that the local church would want to emphasize its own primate and singing Many Years to +Kyrill in the usual order of the diptychs cannot do that. So, what you have is a more elaborate and exclamatory Many Years for him at the very end.
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Re: Two OCA - EP joint Liturgies
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OK, I understand what you mean.
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Re: Two OCA - EP joint Liturgies
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In 1908, the Ecumenical Patriarchate decided to take action to assure that the Greek communities were not associated directly with it, becasue the Turkish governemnt, the Young Turks, were demanding they excersize control over Greek-American immagrants who were actively using forums in he U.S. to protest Turkish treament of the Orthodox Christians in the Ottoman Empire.  The minutes of the Synodal discussions acknowledge the presence of the Russian Orthodox bishop of America
Anywhere where said minutes can be obtained?

I had seen them somewhere on this forum, "" in one of our never ending discussions about the OCA's autocephaly.  I do not know from where it was taken, sorry.
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