Author Topic: Midwest Diocesan Assembly nominates Archpriest Paul Gassios for Chicago See  (Read 3117 times)

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"For several months, Father Paul has served as Administrator of the Diocese of the Midwest.

Raised in a Greek Orthodox family, Father Paul became a member of the Orthodox Church in America in the mid-1980s.  He received a Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University and was awarded the Master of Divinity degree from Saint Vladimir’s Seminary in 1994.  After his ordination, he served in the Diocese of the Midwest as rector of Saint Thomas the Apostle Church, Kokomo, IN for 11 years and as rector of Archangel Michael Church, St. Louis, MO, for an additional seven months.  In 2007, he was transferred to the OCA’s Bulgarian Diocese and assigned Dean of Saint George Cathedral, Rossford [Toledo], OH."
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I have heard some good things about Fr. Paul, and that is especially noteworthy considering that some of the people who have said those things were badly wounded laypeople who have very little trust in the OCA hierarchy in general.  I hope that they're right and Fr. Paul turns out to be a worthy successor to Archbishop Job.

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I think we're hoping for 'calm and quiet' at this point :-).

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I think we're hoping for 'calm and quiet' at this point :-).

We pray for that practically every time we step into the Church:

For the peace from above and the salvation of our souls, let us pray to the Lord!

IMHO it's in the liturgy because we so frequently, and so desperately, need these things.  Like, continually. ;)

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My priest has said some very good things about Fr. Paul, I"m praying that our diocese can have some peace now
All my hope I place in you, O Mother of God, keep me under your protection!

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Clergy and faithful from parishes across the Midwest gathered at historic Holy Trinity Cathedral on the morning of Saturday, December 27, 2014 for the celebration of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, during which Bishop-Elect Paul [Gassios] was consecrated to the Episcopacy as Bishop of Chicago and the Midwest.


Many years to his Grace.

I like this picture:

HB Tikhon is flanked by the shortest (Bp. Paul) and tallest (Abp. Melchisedek) members of the Holy Synod.
Happy shall he be, that shall take and dash thy little ones against the rock. Alleluia.

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God has a way of solving our problems. Who could have imagined twenty years ago that in 2015 two dioceses - the OCA' s Midwest and the ACROD - both whose parishes were founded in the main part in the early 20th century Rusyn immigrants, would be headed by Greek American Bishops? It bodes well for the future. It demonstrates the reality that today the old prefixes and histories are rapidly losing their importance as we are simply Americans who are first and foremost Orthodox Christians.

Axios! Many years!

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