Author Topic: English Translation of "Happiness Diaries"/"Jurnalul Fericirii" by Steinhardt  (Read 3027 times)

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Recently, I came across an article on John Sanidopoulos' blog regarding the passion-bearer Archimandrite Nicolae Steinhardt. One of his most famous works, the Diary of Happiness, seems like a work I really need in my life from what I've read about him. I have checked my two universities' libraries, as well as the D.C. and Chicago public library catalogues and Eighth Day Books, but I've found nothing. I can't even find evidence that an English translation even exists. Does anyone know where I could find and perhaps purchase a copy of this work?

Strangely enough, I find a translation in Greek, but I'd rather buy an English copy because A.) Shipping from Greece from bookstores like Ianos is really expensive and B.) I'm just more intelligent and read faster in English than Greek, lamentably so. Thanks.
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