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Litigation shuts down site critical of Vassula

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This is a shame.  The heretic Vassula, through litigation, has finally succeeded in shutting down a very useful website that was set up to warn people about her.  It is going to shut down at the end of May:

The history of litigation: 

What a cowardly way to deal with criticism.  I wonder if Vassula is claiming that Christ told her to file the lawsuits.   ::)   I feel bad for the poor Christian woman who owns the website, Maria Laura Pio.  She has worked so hard to help others avoid falling into the trap of Vassula's heresy, and she has suffered for her efforts.  I think she needs our prayers.

Which is why, in the United States of America, our Supreme Court had the wisdom years and years ago, in Times v. Sullivan, a landmark freedom of the press case to set forth the 'actual malice' test. The actual malice standard requires that the plaintiff in a defamation or libel case prove that the publisher of the statement in question knew that the statement was false or acted in reckless disregard of its truth or falsity. Because of the extremely high burden of proof on the plaintiff, and the difficulty in proving essentially what is inside a person's head, such cases—when they involve public figures—rarely prevail. This woman, by her conduct and self-promotion over the years, would surely have met the 'public figure' threshold in the States and this case would have been dismissed or not even been brought.

I am very thankful for my first amendment rights.  I feel very sorry for Ms. Pio.  It seems all she did was reprint a translation of a document by the Ecumenical Patriarch dealing with Vassula.  It was translated by a Greek man to say that she was excommunicated.  Vassula claims that it is a mistranslation, and that it is really an accusation of heresy.  As if that is any better.   ::)

At least that is my understanding of the first lawsuit.  If I got this wrong, someone please correct me, but it seems all Ms. Pio did was reprint a translation made by someone else, and because Vassula disagreed with the translation, Ms. Pio was sued.  I don't think the guy who did the translation was sued, but I could be wrong.  I am assuming he was not sued because he lives in the US, where the free speech protections are stronger.  Again, someone correct me if I got this wrong.

It seems the latest lawsuit has to do with Ms. Pio using Vassula's name in her website.  If I understand correctly, it's like Vassula is claiming some sort of trademark rights over her name and she is suing Ms. Pio for using it.  Or something stupid like that.  I think this lawsuit is the final straw and Ms. Pio is just going to take down her website.

This really is too bad.  Ms. Pio's website was a great resource.  You could periodically check it to see what the latest was on Vassula and her heretical happenings.  Ms. Pio was also good about collecting every instance of when a bishop or patriarch warned against Vassula.  It was just a good resource on Vassula, and I don't know of any others that will take its place.

I wish Ms. Pio well, and I hope that the harassing litigation did not take too much of a toll on her.   It must have been very distressing.  She's posted the letters and documents from the suits on her site and people may want to have a look at them before the site goes down.  Reading them, you really get a feeling of how bizarre Vassula is.  Here's an example from the first lawsuit:

--- Quote ---[4] The letter sent to me by Mrs Ryden's lawyers begins as follows: "Mrs Vassula Ryden is the author of a work titled True Life in God: a divine dialogue which contains many messages designed to promote the reunification of the Christian Churches under the authority of the Pope and the Foundation's founder [= Vassula]".
--- End quote ---

And to think that after Ms. Pio's website closes, there won't be any other good resources available to counter this heretic's activities.  Very sad.


--- Quote from: Salpy on May 19, 2012, 03:08:32 AM ---What a cowardly way to deal with criticism. 
--- End quote ---


A Catholic website has an article about it:

--- Quote ---Catholic World News

Legal action by Vassula Ryden shuts down critical web site

CWN - May 11, 2012

Vassula Ryden, a Swiss mystic who has claimed to receive personal messages from Jesus, has taken legal action to shut down a web site operated by one of her critics.

Maria Laura Pio, who operated a site that provided information and analysis critical of Ryden’s alleged visions, has announced that she will shut down the site at the end of May 2012, after receiving a letter from an attorney in Wales threatening legal action against her. The attorney claimed that Pio’s site, entitled “infovassula,” misleads visitors by creating the impression that it is authorized by Vassula Ryden.

Pio, who had already successfully defended herself against a similar legal action brought by Ryden in Belgium, announced on her site that “I do not have the means financially nor mentally to face another lawsuit,” so she has acceded to the lawyer’s demands.

--- End quote ---

Read the rest here:


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