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Jurisdictions and converts
« on: May 18, 2012, 08:55:01 AM »
Are certain jurisdictions better suited for certain-types of converts?

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Re: Jurisdictions and converts
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2012, 09:17:57 AM »
Are certain jurisdictions better suited for certain-types of converts?

I can only speak from my own experience and I've only ever been to Greek, Romanian and Antiochian parishes. I'll say right off that I prefer Romanian, but I found the faith via Romania, speak Romanian pretty fluently and am married to a Romanian, so I'm hardly a neutral observer. The Antiochians were fine although a little strange as they were nearly all converts in the parish I attended which has not been the case elsewhere - this is probably down to the parish, but personally I felt they lacked some of the grounding I've found elsewhere (as many converts seem to, and TBH, I myself  went a little overboard early on and it was the devout cradle Orthodox around me who brought me back to a more reasonable line). The Greek parish I attended was exactly the reverse. Only one convert other than myself and even the non-Greek cradle Orthodox tended to be made to feel as though they weren't quite so Orthodox as the Greeks. I've spoken to other people who've had similar experiences so this is not an isolated experience, though in fairness I've known others who've never had this problem. Personally, I am glad that I did not convert in an all-convert parish (which in the UK I think can only be found amongst the Antiochians) but I'd have preferred that over an overly ethnic, almost phyletistic parish, as I found amongst the Greeks. My Romanian parish always managed to be much more welcoming to converts and enquirers. I certainly never saw any strange attitudes to non-Romanian Orthodox and I found the experiences and example of some of the cradle Orthodox around me invaluable
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Re: Jurisdictions and converts
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2012, 09:24:26 AM »
Obviously one that speaks your language.  I first inquired at a Greek parish.  Loved the priest and the few people I met, but so much of the service was in Greek.  After I visited an OCA parish, it was so great because I heard parts of the liturgy I had never heard before.

I spoke with another convert who left the RC church.  He actually preferred the Greek church because its supposedly a little more conservative and has fewer converts.  He didnt want to join a church with a ton of RC or protestant converts because he wanted to be sure that neither Catholicism or Protestantism didnt creep its way into Orthodoxy at all.  (not sure how that would happen. but thats what he said.)
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