Author Topic: Origen, St. Melito, and the Corporeality of God  (Read 869 times)

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Origen, St. Melito, and the Corporeality of God
« on: May 18, 2012, 02:45:08 AM »
I recently started to reread Deification in Christ by Panayiotis Nellas, and came across the following in a footnote on page 22 (English version):

"Sometimes the Fathers use these terms in a mutually exclusive way. This is because they are countering a specific heresy. See for example Origen, On Genesis, PG 12, 96, where he attacks those who limit the expression 'in the image' to the body, 'among whom is Melito, who has written treatises asserting that God is corporeal' (PG 12, 93)"

Even if I hadn't seen the idea on the net, this is like the fifth or sixth time I've read this book, so I'm not sure why this never caught my attention before. Anyway...

First, does anyone know where I can read (preferrably online and free) an English translation of the passage in which Origen says this? (Origen's commentary on Genesis is available on Google books in preview form, but I couldn't find the passage in question; nor could I find it using Google-fu)

Second, is there a scholarly text, online or not, that sums up the various arguments and evidence for whether St. Melito of Sardis in particular actually held to this position? (I found some stuff, for example on the Catholic Encyclopedia, which discusses it in brief, but I'm looking for something more substantial)

Third, is there any literature out there (books/journal articles) that goes into this topic in some detail more generally, not just focusing on St. Melito.
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Re: Origen, St. Melito, and the Corporeality of God
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Of course God is corporeal; look at Christ?
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Re: Origen, St. Melito, and the Corporeality of God
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On Pascha: With the Fragments of Melito and Other Material Related to the Quartodecimans
 By Saint Melito (Bishop of Sardis), Alistair Stewart-Sykes
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