Author Topic: Fellowship Church in Grapevine uses live animals in sermons  (Read 829 times)

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GRAPEVINE — Animal advocates are dismayed by a controversial program initiated this weekend by Fellowship Church in Grapevine, which used live animals during religious services.

Called "Wild," the program involved Pastor Ed Young's use of a lion in a cage and his clutching a lamb to "communicate biblical truths."

A photo posted on the church's Facebook page of its Easter service showed Young preaching on stage to an assembly outdoors, holding a clinging lamb while standing next to the caged lion. The caption reads: "Pastor Ed bringing the message of Easter. Jesus is a lion-like lamb and a lamb-like lion!"

While many in the congregation were unfazed by the proximity of the animals, others questioned their use as props in a sermon and posted comments expressing their distaste.
Pastor Ed forgot to mention that Jesus is a life-giving snake, as well (John 3:14).
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Re: Fellowship Church in Grapevine uses live animals in sermons
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I don't know that this is really objectionable, but I don't know that it is exactly useful either.
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