Author Topic: Who is your favourite orthodox preacher on Internet ?  (Read 30 times)

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There are many orthodox preachers you can watch or hear on the Internet talking about life and orthodox faith. Which of them do you prefer?

My favourite is Fr. Joachim Parr, who established the St. Mary of Egypt Monastery at the Mercy House in Lower Manhattan:
He has such a simple and deep message.

In second place, a serbian Monk Arseniye Yovanovich, who is currently the most famous preacher in the Serbian Orthodox Church. Unfortunately, most of  his sermons or speechs are in Serbian language, but there're also some in English, where he speaks about his sinful youth and life in NY before becoming a monk; and about many of his struggles during his time as a novice and monk. For example, at one point, he tells us how Elder Ephraim of Arizona healed him - only by his prayers - from a serious mental illness or rather from Prelest 22 years ago:

I hope it will be a serious thread.
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Re: What's your favourite orthodox preacher on Internet ?
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You are right. I apologize for having sacked Constantinople. I really need to stop doing that.

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Re: What's your favourite orthodox preacher on Internet ?
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You were supposed to put 'Preach it, brah!' after the name. :P
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