Author Topic: Corporate chaplain finds way to stay true to faith  (Read 455 times)

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Corporate chaplain finds way to stay true to faith
« on: May 08, 2012, 09:33:02 AM »
In recent years, as businesses look at ways to cut costs, some have turned to corporate chaplains as an alternative to more traditional employee assistance programs [or "EAP"s].
[Corporate chaplain] Schroder is quick to point out that, while his business is faith-based, it isn't faith-promoting. He helps employees try to solve personal and professional issues. All interaction is voluntary and confidential. The goal is to reduce stress, improve morale, increase loyalty and promote productivity.

"Some people aren't so excited about the church coming to them," Schroder said. "We don't come in and pound on that. My main goal is to help with their immediate physical and emotional needs. It might be as simple as their car is always breaking down and I know a good mechanic who isn't going to charge a lot, does a great job and gets you in and out. If that helps, great. If the employee wants to go deeper (into spirituality), we'll go as far as they want."
"Most employees aren't going to be too excited about walking up to their boss and talking about their trouble with their wife or their teen or whatever," said Howell, who has used the service for five years. "I can tell you, this is the last benefit we'll ever eliminate because it meets so many human needs."

While many businesses have an EAP, fewer than 10% of employees use them according to Corporate Care statistics. Schroder says the cost of a corporate chaplain program, which varies depending on the size of a company, is usually much less than an EAP. According to a recent story in Forbes magazine, the cost of having a corporate chaplain can be less than $10 per employee per month.
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