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Greetings in that Divine and Most Precious Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I think one of the biggest casualties of this recent Atheism fad from the Dawkins/Hitchens crowd is that is has absolutely dulled down Atheism.  In the past, not believing in a god, in God, or in any god(s) didn't automatically negate the value of studying theology as a symbol of reality.  After all, in many respects, the gods are just a personification of aspects of reality.  To learn to accept and yield to the gods in this sense is to learn to accept reality.  Further, religion and religious literature has a lot to explain about the human experience and condition which is quite wise and valuable all divinities aside.  This is not just from a cultural perspective, but rather from a moral, philosophical, and social one.  Further, these stories help us to understand ourselves, our societies, our experiences, our role and purpose.  They give value, meaning, significance, and dignity to otherwise mysterious aspects of our human experience.  For example, we may no believe in the Greek pantheon of gods, but that does not negate the obvious value of their literature, fables, parables, and myths which still continue to help us understand ourselves.  Religion is a mirror which both reflects humanity and also which humanity uses to shape and understand ourselves.  Current atheist fads are to absolutely discard the value of any religious texts or teachings entirely as valueless, meaningless, fraudulent.  This is deprived if you ask me.  Surely all the folks in Hellenistic and Roman society also did not believe in the gods, but saw the value those religions and cults and stories played in their societies just as we also can find value in other religions we don't believe in.  While we are Christians, there is plenty of wisdom from the Buddhists, from the Indian philosophies, even from the Muslims and Protestants.  In this same regard, current atheists shouldn't be so quick to dismiss all religion in general.  I worry for the good of humanity when the secular, atheist ideals are void of all substance.  Its one thing to be speculative, its another to be petty.  There are wise folks who appreciate the teachings of Jesus Christ all religion aside, and these are a good link.  As for the others, they are just boring if you ask me ;)

stay blessed,
habte selassie
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Re: Examining Theological Symbolism from an Atheist Perspective..
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I'm guessing you've never actually watched, read, or listened to Dawkins, Dennett, etc., because they say the opposite of some of what you are attributing to them.

Ok, that was too harsh. Nonetheless, you overstate things. The new atheists are not as they are often caricatured. This "old atheists were better, the new atheists suck" thing was a cliche 5 years ago. They use a lot of bad arguments, and are a bit out of their element. But so are most people writing on most subjects.

Watch videos like this (and the 2nd part) if you want a snippet view of what they really think about holy books, etc.  Don't take Dawkin's hyperbolic dismissal of theology as a non-subject (and similar statements by others) so literally.
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