Author Topic: Kerry linked to Albanian terror group?  (Read 1702 times)

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Kerry linked to Albanian terror group?
« on: October 21, 2004, 08:42:05 PM »

The ban against American political discussion is in effect. But this seems to be more of an issue of American politicians in general supporting the Muslim aggresors in Kosovo.  Would anyone care to let me know if this is a true account of what happened? Please, no anti-Kerry remarks not specific to this point of interest to Orthodox Christians.


> Transcript of Dutch Documentary About Albanian-Kerry
> Connection, Defense and
> Foreign Affairs
> October 21, 2004
> Volume XXII, No. 168 Wednesday, October 20, 2004
> Founded in 1972. Produced
> at least 200 times a year.
> KLA Video Shows Holbrooke, Clark Raising Funds for
> Kerry Campaign from
> KLA-linked Albanians, and Shows Ongoing Acquisitions
> >From GIS Station Amsterdam and other sources.
> A recent video produced by Albanians who identified
> themselves as members of
> the ostensibly-banned Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)
> has been broadcast on
> Dutch television, showing KLA members giving
> donations to members of the US
> Presidential campaign of Sen. John Kerry. The video
> also shows former US
> Presidential candidate and former NATO Supreme
> Allied Commander Gen. Wesley
> Clark and former US Ass. Sec. of State Richard
> Holbrooke - now both key
> supporters of the Kerry campaign for the US
> Presidency in the November 2,
> 2004, elections - with the KLA fighters, who
> threatened to re-start the
> conflict in Kosovo, including attacking the United
> Nations Mission in Kosovo
> (UNMIK), if Kosovo independence was not forthcoming.
> Key points in the video, which was made by the KLA,
> include:
> 1. The KLA was now preparing for an open war against
> UNMIK if its demands
> for an independent Kosovo were not met;
> 2. The KLA was currently funneling money in to the
> campaign of Sen. John
> Kerry with the expectation of a quid pro quo. The
> donations and the
> statements expecting the support of a Kerry
> Administration took place in the
> presence of Richard Holbrooke and Wesley Clark who
> were show at a Kerry
> fundraiser together with KLA terrorists who openly
> identified themselves to
> Gen. Clark - who led the Clinton Administration's
> attacks on Serbs in Kosovo
> and elsewhere in Serbia - as "your KLA";
> 3. The KLA has not been disarmed, and it was still
> actively smuggling
> weapons into Kosovo;
> 4. The video makes known the routes and techniques
> of KLA arms smuggling as
> the camera crew follows the KLA on one of its
> smuggling runs.
> Early in the video, the narrator asked the question:
> "It's going to be war
> [in Kosovo]?" The unnamed KLA fighter answered:
> "Hope not, but if it is
> we're ready. If not this Spring, then the next one.
> If Kosova [sic] does not
> get its independence, there will be a war."
> The video a few minutes further into the tape shows
> a Kerry fundraising
> event in New York, with the title "Writing a check
> to 'John Kerry Victory'",
> and shows an Albanian, believed to be a member of
> the KLA, handing a $2,000
> and a $1,000 check to a Kerry campaign worker. A
> video is played in the room
> of actor Jim Belushi, an Albanian-American, saying:
> "If you care about the
> fate of Albanians in the Balkans; if you care about
> the safety and
> prosperity of America, and if you care about the
> future of the world around
> you, I hope you'll do anything you can to make sure
> that John Kerry is
> elected as our next President."
> At that point, former Gen. Wesley Clark walks into
> the room, and one of the
> Albanians comments: "Mr Clark, this is your group,
> your KLA, former
> fighters, yeah! yeah!" Within the conversation which
> followed, Clark says:
> "... They [presumably the KLA] fought against
> tremendous odds."
> A KLA member noted: "Mr Clark, [have] you met this
> gentleman?", indicating
> another man. Clark: "Yeah." KLA member: "He was our
> main guy here." At that
> point former US Ass. Secretary of State Holbrooke
> walks over to the group,
> and a KLA member notes: "Mr Holbrooke, listen. They
> all lost something in
> the war. He lost his leg, he lost his hands, he lost
> his brains ...
> [laughter]" Clark (gesturing towards Holbrooke):
> "Him too." [Laughter]
> Holbrooke (laughing & pointing towards KLA member):
> "He almost got me
> killed." The man in question responded: "He would
> not let his Kalashnikov
> go. He will keep his Kalashnikov."
> After some additional talk, Holbrooke appeared on
> stage and said: "Do you
> know how many times [current] Secretary of State
> [Colin] Powell has been to
> the Balkans? Zero. That's right he's never been
> there."
> He continued: "President Bush said that we went in
> [to the Balkans] together
> with our European allies, and we'll come out
> together. And that's not what
> he's doing. He is pulling out the American troops
> from Bosnia without the
> Europeans joining him. And I can tell you on the
> basis of private talks I've
> had that he is going to pull out of Kosovo if he can
> do so. This is not
> acceptable."
> "John Kerry will not leave this issue where it is
> today. There is no work.
> The UN Administration has moved much too slowly.
> Privatization is moving too
> slowly. The negotiations never started. So please
> help us and thank you for
> the enormous amount of money that you have raised.
> Help us make John Kerry
> the President of the United States."
> Holbrooke added: "I've called some of my friends,
> David Phillips, Wesley
> Clark, Madeline Albright, we all called our friends,
> and I can now say that
> we have raised tonight $510,000."
> After applause, the KLA commentator on the video
> noted: "With money you can
> do amazing things in this country. Senators and
> congressmen are looking for
> donations. If you fund them and raise the money they
> need for their campaign
> they pay you back."
> Further into the program, a KLA goes in to a US gun
> store and purchases
> weapons for "elephant hunting", and later a KLA
> member describes how the KLA
> set-up fictitious hunting clubs in Albania and the
> US as a cover for arms
> trafficking. A KLA member then boasts about the
> KLA's weapons, and their
> snipers' ability to "kill a man from a mile and a
> half away". And another
> KLA member comments that that US gun dealers were
> "right wing extremists"
> who were happy to give guns to KLA to fight "a
> communist government".
> The video then shows a KLA member taking his weapons
> to the airport, and
> boarding a US flight to Albania. The narrator asks
> the question: "What's the
> most weapons that you've taken on an airplane?" The
> KLA member answered:
> "Full loaded airplane. An airplane of this size
> (indicates to a Boeing 767)
> full loaded. With weapons and wrapped up with
> humanitarian aid. Probably
> about 25 tons of weapons and ammunition. We used a
> cargo airplane. You rent
> the cargo airplane and just load it up with anything
> you want."
> The video then shows the man, with his weapons,
> crossing the Albanian-Kosovo
> (Serbia) border at a UN checkpoint unmolested, and
> then later pictures him
> showing his contact in Kosovo all of the weapons
> which he smuggled into the
> country.
> The narrator noted: "In Pristina I talked to the
> NATO spokesman and he told
> me that he was very successful in disarming the
> Albanians."
> A KLA member in the picture laughs, and notes: "It's
> a NATO propaganda.
> No-one ever is going to disarm Albanians. There is
> no way. No NATO, no-one
> is going to disarm Albanians. [...] NATO can collect
> a few arms.
>   _____  
> Brooklyn Connection*
> This new Dutch fim documents the role of the KLA, an
> Albanian terrorist
> organization, in making large contributions to the
> Kerry campaign and in
> return receiving the praises of the likes of Richard
> Holbrooke and Wesley
> Clark. The film further notes that the KLA has
> connections to Al Quada and
> is willing to use arms against US troops in Kosovo
> in their goal of an
> independent "Kosova".
> To view the whole documentary, please click on one
> of the following options:
> Windows Media: |
> tle=Bekijk de uitzending DE BROOKLYN CONNECTIE
> online breed- en smalband>
> Smallband |
> tle=Bekijk de uitzending DE BROOKLYN CONNECTIE
> online> Broadband |
> Real Media: |
> le=Bekijk de uitzending DE BROOKLYN CONNECTIE online
> breed- en smalband>
> Smallband |
> le=Bekijk de uitzending DE BROOKLYN CONNECTIE
> online> Broadband |
> NOTE: Though of Dutch production, most of the
> documentary is in English and
> it can be easily followed by English speakers.
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Re:Kerry linked to Albanian terror group?
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2004, 09:16:57 PM »
This doesn't surprise me at all. I think I have heard of this somewhere else also. I'll check around to see what I can dig up.  I found it disgusting the former president dropped bombs on serbian christians, now I see why with the spider web of connections here.
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Re:Kerry linked to Albanian terror group?
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2004, 09:06:01 AM »
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