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Re: So I was at my first Catholic mass...
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"Yahweh, I know you are near, standing always at my side..."

"And he will raise you up on Eagles wings..."

etc. etc. etc.

Yea...and maybe we should tell the folks in the OCA to get rid of all the chant that's been Made in America to suit English translations and that sounds a good bit like typewriter music.

There's a place for simplicity and local custom...not all of us can be cultivated cultural geniuses...not even in Church.

American Catholic "music" was made in the aftermath of the "spirit of vatican II". It was highly influenced by the protestantism of the 70s and 80s and did not organically grow out of the traditions of the Church. As a result, the music is campy, cheesy, and directs attention away from God and towards oneself and one's own feelings. This is not a good spiritual practice and is below the dignity of the Liturgy.

And some people love it and I get disgusted by people who would high-hat them...

And the idea that they are not an organic outgrowth of the anthropology of the Church is ALL music in the history of the an absurd assertion and nothing more.

I am writing to the point please don't think I am sore at you personally.  You are simply saying what many have said and I disagree with them just as pointedly.

We have NO right to demean what feeds the spirit of many of the folk.

And some people's spirits are fed by rap, but should that be used to praise God in His house?  And some people's spirits are fed by suddenly speaking in tongues, loudly, in the middle of their religious services, but should that be used to praise God in His house?  And some people's spirits are fed by nude interpretive dancing in the woods, but should that be used to praise God in His house?  

In the Orthodox Church, the liturgy is the prayer of the Church, it isn't private prayer.  I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that the Catholic Church had roughly the same understanding.  If it does, then just saying "It feeds the spirit of many of the folk," does not justify including something in corporate worship of God.

Clearly I was unclear  :)

One should not determine for the spiritual lives of others based upon what appeals to one's tastes in music...for example.  Not all traditional music is gorgeous.  Some of it is banal, discordant, difficult and dull.  But we never trot them out for we?

I realize indeed that there's more to it when we speak of liturgical music and liturgical hymns.  But there's not much to be served by going into a parish and burning their approved hymnals because we don't like the music.


Ok, I see more where you're coming from then. 
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