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I just remembered something I found at some point. I read that traditionally, orthodox churches would have most windows in the altar area and the dome to symbolize the light from Heaven and that this is why some orthodox churches can appear pretty dark. One thing, I envy the western churches is how so many of them are filled with huge windows which bathes the church in light. I would love to see this in an orthodox church.

Let me get this straight are you saying that the altar and dome area do not have windows and do not let natural light come in as in to symbolize the light from Heaven?Is that true?

I'm not saying anything, except that most of the orthodox churches i have seen, have rather small windows, while western churches seem to generally have larger windows which often makes the church looks brighter, and I wanted to know if there was a special reason for that.

windows=space that could have been used for icons.

=Stained glass  8)

oh please no...anything but that!  :P