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Orthodox chants and icons from nearly 100 different cultures!

There has now been almost 50,000 visitors to the OrthodoxMysteries website… visiting from over 106 countries around the globe:

United States, Sweden, Canada, Romania, Russian Federation, Poland, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, France, Japan, Netherlands, Greece, Finland, Egypt, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Macedonia, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Malaysia, Israel, Norway, Belgium, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Brazil, New Zealand, India, Nigeria, China, Slovakia, Philippines, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Turkey, Albania, Ecuador, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Mexico, Malta, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Portugal, Korea, Latvia, Venezuela, Belarus, Singapore, Armenia, Jordan, Bahrain, Viet Nam, Panama, Ethiopia, Brunei Darussalam, Azerbaijan, Jamaica, Barbados, Eritrea, Zambia, Kuwait, Cyprus, Chile, Estonia, Croatia, Oman, Senegal, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, Benin, Rwanda, Thailand, Iceland, Pakistan, Morocco, Lebanon, Moldova, Guatemala, Uruguay, Colombia, Nicaragua, Algeria, Qatar, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Aruba, Belize, Sierra Leone, Iraq

It is wonderful to see awareness of the Orthodox Church (and its multi-cultural unity) reaching across the ends of the earth.  May the Lord continually bless and nourish the seeds planted… bringing them to further fruition according to the timing of His will.

Blessed Pascha to all… Christ is Risen!
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