Author Topic: Three year sentence for Coptic Christian with 'anti-Muslim' cartoon posts  (Read 913 times)

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A Coptic Orthodox teenager was sentenced to three years in jail, after the Egyptian court convicted him of posting on Facebook a group of cartoons that were 'offensive to the prophet Mohammed.' Gamal Abdou Massoud made the posts in December.

From the article:
Gamal Abdou Massoud was also accused of distributing some of his cartoons to his school friends in a village in the southern city of Assiut, home to a large Christian population and the hometown of the late Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda.

“Assiut child’s court ordered the jailing of Gamal Abdou Massoud ... for three years after he insulted Islam and published and distributed pictures that insulted Islam and its Prophet,” the court said in a statement seen by Reuters.
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