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Appeals Pathway

All appeals to be conducted via PM, and in the proper order, as outlined below.

This procedure should be followed in all cases, and involves as its first step communicating directly with the person who issued the warning to you (or performed some other action in an official capacity, like moving or locking a topic you started).  If you choose to skip steps within the appropriate pathway, then you also give up your right to appeal the decision to anyone further (i.e. if you don't like the answer you get, that's tough).  All communication shall be via PM, as required by the Forum Rules.

If you are appealing to Fr. Anastasios (according to the situations outlined in #s 3 and 4 below), understand that he may choose not to hear/consider your appeal (in similar fashion to the Supreme Court).

1. When appealing a moderator's action / warning:
PM the Moderator who issued the warning/action (yes, PM them directly about the warning/action) -> The Global Moderator who oversees their section -> (final appeal) Administrator of the Forum.

2. When appealing a Global Moderator's action / warning:
PM the Global Moderator who issued the warning/action (yes, PM them directly about the warning/action) -> (final appeal) Administrator of the Forum

3. When appealing the Forum Administrator's action / warning:
PM the Forum Administrator directly -> (final appeal) Fr. Anastasios, Forum Owner, Founder, Webdespota

4. When appealing Fr. Anastasios' action/warning:
PM him.  That's it; the buck stops with him.
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