Author Topic: Kuwaiti Sheikha Fraiha endorses Armenian community request for church in Kuwait  (Read 422 times)

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Kuwaiti Sheikha Fraiha, chairperson of the Kuwait Society for the Ideal Family, on Thursday made an appearance at an event in her honor, in Salmiya. She expressed support for the request by Kuwait's Armenian community to be able to build an Orthodox church in the area.

From the article:
Describing her as a “role model in modesty”, Bishop Shahi Banossian said that the visit of Sheikha Fraiha is an “important occasion we thank God for."

Meanwhile, Armenian Ambassador to Kuwait Fadey Charchoghlyan expressed his gratitude to Sheikha Fraiha for her “distinguished and historic” visit.

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It's nice to hear something delightful about Christian-Muslim relations within the Middle East for a change.
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Exhibit A on why the Wahhabis wish to control their women.
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