Author Topic: Semipelagianism, Original Sin and Ancestral Sin  (Read 50373 times)

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Re: Semipelagianism, Original Sin and Ancestral Sin
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+ 10000000 for ialmisry on the Elizabeth Hurley comment. Amen bro.
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Re: Semipelagianism, Original Sin and Ancestral Sin
« Reply #181 on: February 29, 2012, 10:06:28 PM »
Here is what St. John Chrysostom said about the baptism of infants:

"Blessed be God, who alone does wonderful things! You have seen how numerous are the gifts of baptism. Although many men think that the only gift it confers is the remission of sins, we have counted its honors to the number of ten. It is on this account that we baptize even infants, although they are sinless, that they may be given the further gifts of sanctification, justice, filial adoption, and inheritance, that they may be brothers and members of Christ, and become dwelling places for the Spirit" [St. John Chrysostom, Third Baptismal Instruction, no. 6].

What St. John Chrysostom says here would undoubtedly be anathematized by St. Augustine.

The council of Carthage, by the headship of Augustine said: "If anyone says, that baptized infants are sinless and because of that don't need baptism, let him be anathema. Because Adam's sin is upon all of us and no one is sinless." Augustine specifically opposed the idea, that unbaptized infants had any hope of salvation because of Adam's sin.

Pelagius never denied infant baptism, but he was against calling infants sinners, which St. John just says here.
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