Author Topic: Leading Birmingham philosopher of religion John Hick dies at the age of 90  (Read 818 times)

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Professor John Hick, seen by many as the most influential philosopher of religion of recent times, has died just weeks after celebrating his 90th birthday.

The former University of Birmingham academic and church minister is remembered for helping to stop South African apartheid-era cricketers playing in Birmingham.
He was also an evangelical who was later accused of heresy by the Presbyterian church....which he was once a minister for.

In his early career he defended the traditional Christian world view, but the direction of his scholarly work changed radically when he moved from Cambridge to Birmingham in 1967.
Prof Hick retired from his University of Birmingham post in the early 1970s, but he remained in the city where he continued to work from his home in Selly Oak right up until his death.
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Lord have mercy.
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Rest in peace.
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“He was a world famous theologian who taught that all the great world religions were an equal route to God.”

I think "Lord have mercy" would be most appropriate.