Author Topic: How there is hope Protestants can be saved  (Read 468 times)

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How there is hope Protestants can be saved
« on: May 08, 2019, 11:25:02 PM »
It may not be certain but it is a hope
A few points I posted on Christian forums of a longer post which was deleted which cause me to hope Protestants can be saved but it is not a fact as they may have known all outside the church are not saved even Christians who do not wilfully fight the truth but think they are right but are heretics and schismatics from the church and sacraments

The bible says knowledge will vanish away for we know in part. Could the knowledge of the bible had vanished to some degree. This may also mean from the beginning the church never knew everything they only knew in part. They knew you had to be a believer and the judgements of people in their day but they didn’t know if those outside the church who were believers were not saved atleast not those who are not those who did not see the truth with their own eyes.

Protestants can’t be cured of their sins without the sacraments but they can stop sinning. For this reason they have no life now but communion may be offered to them after death which they can still refuse. It won’t take away their previous sin so there is no eliminating the remembrance of their sin if that is what purgatory assumes but it can bring them into a state of communion with God which they refused now. If you have communion now it can prevent sin therefore no lack of reward. Purgatory may be acceptable if it doesn’t take away the punishment of delay it doesn’t make up for your sin but makes God able to endure your presence
Before the last day Protestants would have had communion in the world to come to cure their sin so they would still be saved in the last day