Author Topic: Anglican chaplain in Greece comments on protests, economic crisis  (Read 559 times)

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The economic crisis in Greece continues. Protests have turned violent, with fires and looting. An Anglican clergyman in Athens commented on the turmoil in the city.

From the article:
Canon Bradshaw said that there had been peaceful demonstrations on Saturday, and during the day on Sunday, after the Greek parliament passed a package of severe austerity measures, in return for €130 billion (£109 billion) of bailout loans. But on Sunday evening young men from anarchist groups infiltrated the demonstration, and began setting buildings on fire and looting.

...The Orthodox Church is feeding 10,000 people a day in Athens, and 250,000 people across Greece. A project in Athens with which Canon Bradshaw is involved is providing 800 meals a day for refugees and mi­grants. “The numbers coming to receive food are on the increase. Demand has shot up in the past six months.”
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