Author Topic: Natural disasters sent by God ?  (Read 275 times)

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Natural disasters sent by God ?
« on: September 08, 2017, 05:38:05 AM »
They could be sent by God doesn't mean we know those people fate is bad. If it is they blew their fair chance. The bible says return to the Lord for your family sake. Otherwise we are to blame and we can't blame God. Keep leaving it to God till death. The bible says the Lord kills and makes alive. That means nothing happens out of His control. I think the hurricanes may not be from God but punishment for men stupidity or laziness to not make solutions to protect from disasters. Not ideal but personal jetpacks to fly out of danger zone may help some. Make it illegal to fly it when there is no natural disaster. You have to really try to love God even if it be personal

It is merciful because it alerts the majority to be ready for any evil on the earth even if it won't happen. Let God deal with the minority who have to suffer these afflictions. He obviously alowed that in His plan for them. He knew he would judge them less and no one can know His judgements. Do not test Him. He knows if they got their fair chance. If they didn't I suppose if they be believers they could have a little more time of repentance after death or testing for them. Maybe like toll houses not purgatory where they are guaranteed salvation with purgatory.
However we must assume it is heresy for most or all because it is just to convince those who think Him not fair though He is. So if anyone living relies on that he will perish unless he only seems to rely on that

Next could be major disasters. Jesus said war and big disasters will happen before the end

Some laugh on Facebook that some believe God causes disasters. It is true or sometime He allows it to happen not from Him but a kind of case of men not helping men by not trying to find precautions to fight it because He gave us free will to help each other.
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