Author Topic: Extra-Biblical Evidence for Jesus?  (Read 1571 times)

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Re: Extra-Biblical Evidence for Jesus?
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You shouldn't believe that garbage you get off the Brother Nathanael videos. He hasn't learned from correct sources, and he's being disingenuous.

I repeat, the Jesus mentioned in the Talmud is a different man also named Jesus. Jesus (or Joshua) was a pretty common first name back then.

In the case of poor Brother Nathanael, he is a man who is seriously mentally ill, who both the Orthodox Christian and the Jewish communities have tried to help, and who requires our prayer.

I've heard that Brother Nathanael's offline persona is quite different from what's seen in his YouTube videos, that content of which isn't necessarily completely inaccurate.

Strong message here, your likely to draw the attention of the Israeli lobby....

I've seen a video of him dancing on a street corner with signs, it was an odd thing for him to do. I have seen several of his videos, and i agree he isnt  completely inaccurate, i pray he tones down the street corner dancing, he's not getting younger and a fall at that age could be dangerous  ;D

To jude1:3
Good meme there, im gonna swipe it for use arguing with militant atheists on various forums.
Any other memes like that, shoot them my way

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