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Icon in Egypt weeping oil
« on: December 20, 2011, 09:32:21 PM »

The Icon was placed in the Church on the first day of the St.Virgin Mary month.The church was full of people; all came to praise and glorify the Lord. After the melody of peace to Mary, the Icon was placed in the middle of the church on a wooden holder. Incense was also placed is in front of icon. People began to notice drops of oil appearing from the icon.

Even the next day during the Sunday Liturgy, it was observed that there is an increase amount of oil and on Tuesday it was noticed that the oil flow to very bottom of the icon People tried to clean the icon with tissues, but the oil never stopped flowing down.

The parish priest Fr. Youhanna Fayz announced that God is so good he is Maker soft- hearted, miracles will not leave his people in time of hardships, and God is full of surprises he feels that the Lord is preparing his people in Egypt.

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Re: Icon in Egypt weeping oil
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wish i would get a vial of that oil for my icon table! thanks for the post!

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Re: Icon in Egypt weeping oil
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